Research and Development Lipidx

LipiDx DBS Technology

LipiDx AS is aiming to provide innovative, accurate, convenient and affordable lipid based IVDMIA (In Vitro Diagnostic Multivariate Index Assay) using dried blood spot (DBS).

Lipidomics is an emerging field for diagnostics and healthcare. The lipid content of mammalian cells is highly diverse. They not only form the matrix of the cell membrane but are directly involved in membrane trafficking, regulating membrane proteins, cellular architecture and creating specific sub-compartments in membranes that contribute to cellular function.

Many widespread diseases involve lipids, cardiovascular diseases and obesity-related type-2 diabetes being the two prime examples of interest. Other major diseases such as cancer and  Alzheimer’s disease also have a lipid involvement. Identifying disease-related changes in lipid patterns will provide new insights with far-reaching possibilities for novel diagnostic applications (prognostic assessment, diagnosis and monitoring) as well as for the development of prevention and new therapeutic approaches.

Dried Blood Spots are ideal clinical samples since they can be easily obtained, stored and transported to laboratories for analysis. Given the diversity of lipids in blood and their involvement in vast number of diseases, dried blood lipidomics is an ideal tool for developing disease-specific multi-index biomarker for several major diseases. The developed biomarker can be used for prognostic, diagnostic and monitoring purposes, and lead to better prevention and therapeutic approaches.